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Inspiration (03)

Hello you.

Wauw, it have been a crazy week, and a part of me feel like, in this very moment, letting it out and sharing it with you all, but the truth is I’m way to tired. So for now, I will let it be and share this with you instead. Pictures and people who inspires me. Because it makes me feel  good to do so. That is always a good enough reason to do something, right?



01) @thedarlings_ 

This picture makes me smile. Just recently discover the account of Jade and her family, but I’m sold. It’s just all about love and feel good-vibes.

(02) @shelley_richmond

I came across this picture one evening and instantly fell in love. I wish that I one day will find an occasion to wear a flower crown like that.

(03) @asrosenvinge

Anne-Sophie Bak. One of my favorite Danish instagrammer. Without knowing her, I just get that sense that she is doing exactly what she is suppose to do!

(04) @jannelford

This picture is absolutely beautiful and moody. I kind of just love everything with flowers, don’t you?

(05) @tessahop

This picture is just one of many captures from Tessa that went straight to my heart. I love the way she is capturing the life of her and her family, and I think you can tell, in every capture from her, how kind hearted this woman is.

(06) @annymariaaa

This moment is the sweetest, and it reminded me of the fact that it’s in captures like this, magic happens.

(07) @christydawn

I feel like if I was a dress, I would be this one!

(08) @littlekinjournal

This picture is actually two years old. Yesterday we had one of those night where I was breastfeeding all night, half asleep I went back in this account’s beautiful feed, and this picture is simply amazing!

(09) @dromelot

I saved this picture because is absolutely beautiful, and I really want to post more coffee-pictures but I still have so much to learn.

(10) @wunderblumen

Daniela, such a sweet and talented soul, and I got a feeling that she loves the color pink as much as I do!

(11) @mynothernstory

Hailey is behind this account, and she is making me thinking about moving to the woods. I love how the seasons reflects in his photographs, and everything she captures is with such a beautiful mood.

(12) @35mmmmmmmmmmmmmm 

A danish photographer I just recently discover. He is talented, and I find his portraits very inspiring!

11 inspiring women, and one talented man. I really hope these inspiration boards of mine are inspiring you too. No matter what, I feel like they really deserve the shout-out!

I hope the weekend was good to you, and I hope monday will be kind too.

Love from Freja 


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