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Women and their children

Hello on this sunny  Tuesday.

My Women and their children-project has been kind of neglected, I must confess. First of all, I have been very busy getting use to this new everyday life with the kids, work and studies after my maternity leave ended some months ago. But I also needed to step away from the project for some time, to reflect on the way the project was going, and I kind of felt like something was missing. But Women and their children is back now – a little different than you might remember it, but I hope you like it this way. I do. And please don’t hesitate to let me know what you think. Specially if you enjoy it 😉

This morning, after kissing Frigg and Fridtjof goodbye at their nursery (note: Fridtjof didn’t cry when I left this time – for the first time ever and that had just made my day already), I went to visit Stine and her two daugthers, Ellen and Kaja. Ellen (2 years old) and Kaja (6 years old) met me in the doorway with hugs and smiles, and that just made this great morning even better. Such sweet girls, and when I met them, I could instantly feel their mutual connection – their sisterhood. And that really touched me cause Stine is 8 months pregnant and waiting another little girl, and how lucky is that little babygirl to have such a special thing waiting for her?

Kaja is starting school this summer and she told me that the one thing she was looking forward to the most about starting school, was learning to read so she could read stories for Ellen. That just says it all, right?



Stines three pregnancies have been very similar, but her hips are getting sligthly bigger for each girl, she laughs. But that is just how it is, and Stine loves being pregnant. “I feel so lucky to have these easy-going pregnancies so I have been able to just focus on that new little life growing, and this third time I have been better to listen to my body’s signals. But there is also to other girls to take care of and who need love and care” Stine says. In that way it’s not possible to be a hundred procent present in this pregnancy but Stine can just tell how Ellen and Kaja really are looking forward to meet their little sister. And I could really tell that too!



Stine about motherhood

“Motherhood have been a life changing journey for me. It have been the steepest learning curve, I’ve ever experienced. Specially because my first child had colic and didn’t sleep much so I really needed to find that strength in me. I really feel like I have found myself through motherhood. I’ve found my voice and I have grown. I love the connection between me and my daugthers, and I just love to be close – and to hold them close. It is such a gift to watch the girls grow and evolve. My girls is without a doubt the ones I love the most, and the ones who can make me the most frustrated, but motherhood, is for me, the purpose of it all. Motherhood is my foundation and it’s what give me the strength to grow as a woman and as a human being”.



Stine about sisterhood

“From the very first time Kaja saw Ellen she loved her. Kaja is protecting her and show her the way – and most of the time she is in charge of setting the agendas. The biggest hero in Ellen’s life is without a doubt Kaja. Of course, like every other siblings, they tease each other, and because they are getting older they are starting to need their own space sometimes. Their temper really is like day and night, but their love and care for each other really is a gift. I grew up with a little sister too, and we grew up to be so much alike, and it’s just feel so safe to have that person to share a frame of reference with. My sister have the most amazing connection with my girls, and Kaja and Ellen just loves her to the moon and back, and I can’t say how grateful I feel”.



Oh well, this was such a lovely way to begin a day, and thank you, Stine for inviting me and talking to me about motherhood. I was just full of love when we said goodbye, and I just felt like picking my kids up at their nursery right away. That feeling when you are feeling so happy and you just want to share that feeling with your kids.

Today is truly about happiness and celebrating motherhood!

And thank you for reading this!

Nothing but love from


PS. You can follow Stine on Instagram (@ostfronten)

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