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Women and their children


First of all, if you are reading this – thank you so much. I know it have been a long time since the last post in this project but it is now back running and I’m so excited to work with this project again because it’s something that really is very close to my heart. Women and their children, it is.

Yesterday a friend of mine visited me to take part of the project. I met Anne through Instagram, and she is one of three in our self-made mother’s group, which we call The Big Feet Club, because well, we all have kind of big feet. In this little group of ours we drink a lot of coffee, eat a lot of gluten and talk a lot about business and creative ideas, but we also talk a lot about motherhood, so of course, it couldn’t be any different, that Anne should take part in this project.

Anne is born and raised in southern Jutland in Denmark, but have so far lived for ten years in Copenhagen. Ten years living at Oesterbro, and ten years being partners with a very handsome man from the western Copenhagen. Together they have two kids – Bille (3 years) and Pil (6 months this sunday, what a milestone, right?). Everybody, meet Anne.

Sometimes I am reffered to as a multi artist. I don’t have the perfect skills for everything, but I am full of great ideas and I jump into every new project of mine with a lot of  enthusiasm and willpower. My best and dearest project right now is Lille Svend KBH.


Three years ago, an early August morning, I became a mother for the first time. My pregnancy progressed without any complications, and I actually biked ten kilometers, on the way to and from work, on my very last day of working before going on maternity leave. My boyfriend had saved his summer vacation, so we had the first month together at home, being a family of three, and I remember how the days just flowed together, lying in bed with Bille sleeping on our chests for hours, and we sat on the cafes in the sun of the indian summer, just enjoying this new kind of life of ours.

Six months ago, on my birthday, I gave birth to my daugther Pil on our bathroom floor. My boyfriend was so calm when he received her, and it felt very safe. The paramedics first arrived after the birth, it all went very fast, as you can imagine, but it was the most perfect not intentional bathroom floor birth, I could think of.



I haven’t given the life that awaited us as a family of four, much thought. However, I had decied that I wouldn’t go for walks with the pram for any price or every little hope for sleep, like I did the first time with Bille. Everybody had told me that with child number two everything would be easier, that you could just take the baby under the arm and go out, so I really didn’t have any plans for how the first couple of months should be, other than just take it slow. But Pil had a slightly different plan. She only wanted to be with me. She cried in the pram, she cried at the changing table, she cried everytime she was in the arms of others. It was really hard, and it took two months for me to accept that this was life with Pil – for now at least. After four months, everything seemed to settled and Pil became both calm and smiling, and that made life a lot easier for all of us, and I found my way and fell into place as a mother of two.

Being a mother has giving me a inner peace – even though a lot of worries come with motherhood. I found peace with myself, and with this new body of mine. A body with three wrinkles over the belly button, soft thighs and tired but loving smiles. I’m so proud of myself. I have dreams and goals for my and my family’s future.



I am the oldest one of my siblings, I have three younger siblings. We are all very different, and we all live our different lifes, but we will always have each other, and what bind us to each other is of course our story, but it’s also to be laughing and goofing around. Together we have created a place to rest, a place to just be and take a break from the rest of world – even if it’s just for a moment or two. I wish for my children to have that in each other – even though they will grow up and be different people. They must know that they will always have each other. And their father and I. No matter what life brings us.

Go say hello to Anne on Instagram: @annebirkkjaer



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