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Inspiration (04)


It has been a while since I last did these inspiration posts but I do enjoy making them, and I feel so inspirered lately by the arrival of autumn, I love this season. Truth is, that I love every single season of the year, but autumn has this amazing light and the most beautiful color palette. And right now, I have so many of your absolutely breathtaking pictures saved so I thought this was the perfect time to do this post again!



(1) @magnesium_blue

I love everything about this picture. This picture is the essence of autumn. Kirsten’s account is so beautiful and down to earth.

(2) @sannehop

Sanne is so loving and talented, and her loving being shines through every single picture of hers.

(3) @estherjudithmaria

Look at this picture. I wish I had a picture like this of me and my babies. I just discover Esther’s account and I’m so happy I did. Esther is a photographer and she takes the most beautiful pictures, and tell so many beautiful stories.

(4) @_no.19

This is actually a picture from last year, but the other day I took a trip down Michala’s feed and that was one inspiring trip. I really love this picture. So simple but so full of love.

(5) @stinaninnas

I have a lot of Christina’s pictures saved. I love this visuel univers she has created and she just has a eye like no other.

(6) @sannienielsen 

Sannie is a friend of mine. We have acutally known each other since we both were some rebel teenagers. Sannie is a photographer and I love how she see the world, and the scene of this picture just says it all.

(7) @sannehop

Another beautiful picture from Sanne of her and her sweet girl.

(8) @bu.ku.ku

This picture is amazing – perfect in it’s imperfection. It’s childhood captured in one picture.

(9) @estherjudithmaria 

Another picture from Esther. This picture is pure magic in all it’s simplicity.

(10) @erinhoj 

This picture is taken by Erin, who I really love to follow. She takes the most beautiful and cute pictures, and this picture is just adorable, and the colors is on point.

(11) @karenhilmersson

I met Karen this summer for a walk around Copenhagen and she is just so kind, funny and amazing in every way. And she is a talented photographer, and this picture is a part of her #12portraitsproject. She takes a portrait of her two kids every single month, and I think it is such a great idea and the portraits is beautiful. I think, her kids are so lucky to have these pictures of themselves captured by their mother.

(12) @myscandinaviantribe

Last but not least. This picture is so cute. Even though Samsø, where Rikke lives, is only three hours in car away from Copenhagen, the life we both live is far apart, and yet not so much. Without concluding, I think we have some of the same values. I think Rikke’s instagram account is so inspirational, and her pictures almost make me leave the city.

Okay, that’s it! I hope you were as inspired as me. Love for all you creative souls and your work!

Have a lovely golden autumn day!

Love from Freja

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