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Inspiration (05)


I hope you are well, and enjoying this beautiful, a bit rainy october. I wasen’t actually planning on doing this inspiration post but today I went to my saved pictures on Instagram, and I was just kind of blown away how amazing all these beautiful pictures I have saved looked side by side. I just have to share it with you. Also, do you remember when Follow Friday was a thing? I loved Follow Friday because it was something filled with love and good vibes, and it gave me the opportunity to give a little love and recognition to the accounts I love to follow so very much. I think these inspiration post do the same and that it’s important to me. To let you know that you are inspiring me every single day. And if everyone is up for a Follow Friday some time, for good old times’ sake, please don’t hesitate and write to me.




(1) @parisa

I just discovered this woman and her account recently, and I think her pictures are so beautiful and very down to earth.


(2) @mynorthernstory

Hailey have been a favorite of mine to follow every since I found her account for the very first time. I love the mood in her pictures, the surroundings and how she portrays the seasons in her photography.


(03) @muswerk

This picture is amazing. I don’t know where to begin, the colors, the composition, the girl, the window, the floors, the light. I mean, everything about this picture is beautiful.


(04) @tyrastinamin

I came across this picture when I was searching on Instagram for a location for a photoshoot. And I think this picture is very cool, I love the colors and I think the location would be perfect.


(05) @tinasosna

Tina have beautiful legs, and I love her photographs and the early autumn feeling in this picture.


(06) @wunderblumen

This picture portrays the indian summer so beautifully. Only love for this woman, her photographs and her way with colors.


(07) @tessahop

And speaking of which, colors. I love Tessas color palette and all the beautiful and loving moments she shares.


(08) @sannehop

I don’t know if I ever will do an inspiration post without Sanne somehow taking part in it. I don’t think so. This beautiful woman, inside and outside, is truly a great inspiration.


(09) @cascompton

I mean, this picture is just way too cute!


(10) @fresh_delivery

When I saw this picture I was blown away, and I hope I will be up early one foggy morning with my camera too!


(11) @laurapshort

Laura is the sweetest, so loving and carring. And a very talented photographer too and I looove this picture of seven beautiful dancing men.


(12) @lindseypemberton

This picture reminds me of my girls scout days when I was just a kid. I just love everything about it.

Okay, that’s it for this time! I hope you enjoyed it!

Love from Freja

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