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Something about a Christmas Advent Calendar

Part one


You are the best! First of all, thank you for all your positive respons on my poll on Instagram stories whether I should make a blogpost about my children’s advent calendar this Christmas or not. There were so many of you who voted yes, and that made me so happy cause I had kind of already decided to make a post – especially if there was someone who could get some out of it – maybe get inspired to do a secondhand advent calendar this year too. 300 of you voted yes, 4 voted no – so here we go!

This first post is all about Frigg’s advent calendar, and in the next following days I will publish a post about Fridtjof’s.



The Christmas Calendar is from lisqa, and it’s the only thing in this project which isen’t secondhand. I just know I will use these beautiful calendars for many years and Lisqa is a small business, and for me it’s a very important thing to support these small business. I will take some more pictures of the calendar when it’s all done. Otherwise, anything else is secondhand or recycled materials – the gifts, the wrapping paper (old and saved wrapping paper and newspapers) and the string is all some I have been saving from different occasions over the year.

My daugther Frigg is soon to be four years old. Her birthday is actually December 24th, so as you might imagine, December is her favorite time of the year. But for that very reason, her December is also full of presents and believe it or not, that can be a bit much for her. Therefore, I haven’t found her 24 gifts. I found her some things that I know she will love – and I ended up with 10 little gifts for her, and the other 14 days I will give her homemade Christmas cookies, or a sweet little note or an invite to an activity – for an example lemonade and chocolate cake at the local coffee shop after kindergarten one day. I really don’t feel like giving her 24 gifts just to give her 24 gifts. I did that last year, and even though her calendar was all secondhand last year too, some of the gifts just felt not so special and some of the things she just looked at, said thank you, played with it for a minute or two and then never looked or played with it again. This year I have found some gifts I know she will love and play with for a long time, and even though this secondhand advent calendar have taking some time – you know, to find the gifts and pick them up all different places, I really think it’s all worth it and now I almost can’t wait for December to arrive.



Anyway, Frigg is soon four years old, and she, maybe like many other girls in that age, loves to play with dolls, and she loves anything that have something to do with princesses. And just to be clear, Frigg also likes to climb trees and she think Spiderman is very cool – just the same way Fridtjof love princesses. But she loves colors and glitter too!

She really likes all kind of small figures – made of plastic, and even though I have a no plastic toy policy, she can of course have plastic – as long as it is secondhand.



I have found Frigg’s gifts in different thrift shops around town and the My Little Pony’s and the doll is from @littlevintagetoys – a shop with vintage toys from the 80s. Absolutely wonderful, if you ask me.

I hope this post inspired you. Vintage, secondhand, preloved don’t necessarily mean old wooden toys and things half broken. I love old wooden toys though, don’t get me wrong. But Frigg – not so much. She wants sparkling unicorns and that I will give her – without having to compromise my values.

Thank you for reading! I’m really looking forward to give you a glimpse of Fridtjof’s advent calendar one of the following days.

Love from



Part two


As promised – a post about Fridtjof’s advent calendar this Christmas. A little late, but the last week have been a little crazy with Frigg hurting her head, needed stitches and Fridtjof have been down with a fever, and still are, and then there is work – work, work, work so… Life is kind of crazy sometimes but life is good too.

Fridtjof’s advent calendar is, like Frigg’s, from lisqa but a different style than Frigg’s. I really love both of them. I meant to put up the calendars, and take some pictures of them but I’m pretty sure the kids will insist on taking advances on the presents. But Christmas is not far away now. Two days. I really can’t wait much longer.


Fridtjof is one and a half year old, and even though he won’t understand the full concept of an advent calendar, I know he will have a great time being a part of the tradition with his big sister. But I actually had a bit of a hard time finding gifts for Fridtjof’s calendar because the only things he really loves (apart from life itself) is cars and animals – especially dogs, so I decided to go with just that.  The gifts are, like Frigg’s, secondhand, and he, like Frigg, won’t have a gift every day.







I have bought Fridtjof some old Duplo too. I think he will be thrilled.

I hope this post inspired you i some way. Vintage, secondhand, preloved don’t necessarily mean old things half broken. It can be just as wonderful as something brand new. Even more wonderful if you ask me. Thank you so much for reading!

Love from




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