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The very last days of the year


We have said our goodbyes with the year 2018, and welcomed the year 2019. Or at least the calendar have. When it comes to me, I think I’m still processing. Processing the year that has passed. All the good that happened to us. Calm and happy moments, days. Lessons learned. Mountains we have climbed.

I have never given much thought to the end of a year, or the start of a new for that matter, and I actually never had a New Year’s resolution of any kind. But this year something felt different, and I felt like making a resolution for the new year, but when I sat down to write it down, I suddenly couldn’t think of anything.

That sounds a bit sad, I know but I don’t think it needs to be because I do have resolutions and goals for the future. I just found myself feeling overwhelmed, a bit sad and having a hard time to find the right words these days.

We spent some wonderful days together during the Christmas Holidays. The very last days of the year. And I had this feeling of wanting to hold on to days like that, cause it really is how we live our best life. Together.

Until I find the words. Pictures from the very last days of the year.

Happy New Year.

Love from Freja

Frigg and Fridtjof is so luckily gifted, and therefor wearing the most beautiful hats from New Kids in the Hood and  the most fantastic and practial shoes from Wilding Shoes












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