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Inspiration (06)


What better way to start the new year than with an inspiration post?

There are so many amazing photographers and creative souls who take amazing photographs, and inspire me to develop my own photography – to see something in a different perspective, to see something in a different light. In this new year, 2019, I have decided to try to be more visible on my pictures myself. That being said, Jonas’, my boyfriend, photography also needs to go through some kind of development before that can happen. Let’s see how it goes.

And now, I hope and kind of feeling pretty sure you will enjoy these pictures.



(01) @svt

I don’t know the photographer behind this picture. It just appeared on my Instagram. As far as I know, it’s a picture from a new swedish drama tv-series called something like “The days when the flowers bloom”. Very beautiful. Maybe more beautiful in Swedish: De dagar som bloomorna blommar. And the picture. Absolutely beautiful too, and not just because the young man on the picture is really beautiful. And now I dream of taking a picture like this of my man with one or both kids.


(02) @sannienielsen

The little man on the picture must be the uncrowned king for hide-and-seek, cause last time he and his sweet mother visited me, he and my daughter Frigg made a fantastic little cave out of sheets. His mother, and the woman behind this beautiful picture is Sannie, and she is a friend of mine, and a very talented photographer with a very talented husband who designed and made this closet.


(03) @mar_laza

The first time I came across Mar’s pictures, was when she was featured on Instagram’s account, and it was with a picture from a lake, maybe even this lake and I fell in love with her photography right away.



(04) @acupfullofdreams 

I love to follow Lulu on Instagram and I have for some years. And this picture made me find the photo album, because it reminded me of a old photo of my sister and I. You can see the picture below. Who in the picture do you think is me?




(05) @dromma 

This picture is dreamy. Lotta’s universe is dreamy. And I have been looking for a star like that for my daugther, so if anyone know where to go and get one, please let me know.


(06)  @danceypantsdisco

This picture reminds me of one of my favorite movies: Moonrise Kingdom.


(07) @julieboutelleturner

I saw this picture on Misha and Puff’s Instragram, and it’s truly beautiful!


(08) @thegemmers

I love this woman’s photography, her colors and edits, and this picture reminds me of Fridtjof, and how he sometimes almost has to run to be able to keep up with his greatest role model and true best friend – his big sister.


(09) @agatapospieszynska

I just recently discovered fashion photographer Agata Pospieszynska, and I can’t wait to follow her work.


(10) @cascompton

Speaking of my resolution to be more visible on my own pictures, this is such pictures I am dreaming of being taking of my family and I.


(11) @karenhilmersson

A breathtaking picture from Karen. Karen takes the most beautiful portraits of her kids.


(12) @joniburtt

Joni’s photographs have an edge and a nerve, and they reflect the real life – the everyday life and are so amazingly beautiful in every way.

And that’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed it. Happy weekend!

Love from Freja




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