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The Copenhagen Guide

Hello lovely ones.

I have been thinking about making this guide for a long time now as I often get questions about Copenhagen – where to go, places to see, stores to shop. And even though I’m not a big city travel expert – Copenhagen is my city and I would love to share my personal favorite places with you.

This post will be updated over time as new wonderful places will come and hidden treasures will be discovered.

I’m a Copenhagener. I grew up in a city ten kilometers from the city – only twenty minutes with the train. As a child I was so fascinated by this city, and I just knew all along that I will move here as soon as I had the chance. I left home and got my first apartment in the city when I was twenty years old. A one bedroom apartment – I had my room in the bedroom and I had to rent the living room to a guy, who partied all night, slept all day and had two lovers, who were friends but didn’t knew that he was seeing both of them. It was awful but I didn’t have much money and the apartment was a bit pricey.

But living in the city was nothing like what I had expected. It was so much more than I ever knew visiting the city as a child. It was a community, a way of living a life. Although there was not much glamour about my aparment situation at first, I began to get to know this city and I feel in love. In the evenings I would sit in my window on the third floor, with the music turned on so I couldn’t hear the partying or fighting, crying or the make up-ing going on in the other room, and I could sit for hours – just sit and look over this beautiful city which was now my home.

Two years later I bought my first apartment. I needed a place to live by myself and I worked two jobs beside my studies to affort it but it was all worth it. The apartment was located in Nørrebro and only a few weeks after moving in, I met Jonas for the first time at a local bar just around the corner. Time passed and love flourished and a baby was made and so the apartment became Friggs very first home. After some time, we were looking for a bigger apartment and we found this beautiful apartment in Østerbro – with high ceilings and big windows  and bought it without even having seen it first. And that’s where we live now. For sure, we could still use some more space, but we love it here. This is the home where Fridtjof was born, and the home we became a family of four. We really love this part of the city.

Okay, that was the story of my relationship with Copenhagen – the very very short version, of course. And now I want to share with you my favorite things about this city.




1. Krejl & Kaffe, Copenhagen Ø

Krejl & Kaffe is our local coffee shop and we spend a lot of time there. When I pick up Frigg early from kindergarten and ask her what she wants to do, her answer is always to go to the coffee shop. She knows the names of the owners, and they know us and how I like my coffee, and how Frigg prefer to drink her limonade straight from the bottle and wants a big fork, and not a small one, for her cake. There is such a lovely and homely atmosphere. And it’s just a very good place to bring the kids. The owners are sweet and welcoming, and you will find toys, coloring books, books to read and games to play. And I haven’t even told you the best part yet – it is not just a coffee shop. It’s a little vintage shop too. I have found so many beautiful things for Frigg and Fridtjof in that shop. All the best in just one place, right and this place is without a doubt one of my favorite places in this part of the city.


Krejl & Kaffe


Krejl & Kaffe


Krejl & Kaffe


2. Playground, Musholmgade, Copenhagen Ø

Our favorite playground is located in Musholmgade, Copenhagen Ø. It’s not something very fancy and it’s not very big but it’s really lovely and it have everything a playground needs to have. And it is in the shade which is quite convenient in the summer. Only a few meters away from the playground there is a secondhand shop, where you can buy of course secondhand stuff, but they also sell coffee and pastries – both to stay and to go. So I guess, it’s a perfect place for both kids and parents. Everybody wins.


Musholmgade, Copenhagen Ø



3. Landbohøjskolens Have, Frederiksberg

Landbohøjskolens Have. The most beautiful garden – in the middle of the city. I have never actually visited the garden in the winter, but in the spring, summer and the early fall I go for many walks here. Usually alone. It’s the perfect place to spend some time alone – to clear your head and get some fresh air in some beautiful and peaceful surroundings but it’s also the perfect place for a picnic with the kids or a walk hand in hand with your beloved. And in May, the wisteria blooms so beautifully on one of the garden’s buildings and it’s just perfect for #wisteriahysteria.


Landbohøjskolens Have



4. Fælledparken, Copenhagen N/Ø

Fælledparken is the most visited park in the city and that makes perfect sense as it is a wonderful place with a lot to offer. We visit Fælledparken on a daily basis in one way or another as we live very close by. We bike through the park in the morning, we play in the playgrounds in the afternoon, we meet for spontaneous coffee before picking up the kids, we have picnics in the summer and we go for walks, with sleeping kids in the pram, in the weekends. The park is a big part of our everyday life and I really enjoy spending time there.


Fælledparken, Copenhagen N/Ø




5. Pompette, Møllegade, Copenhagen N

Sometimes it happens that I go out and get a glass of wine or three and I really love to spend an evening at Pompette in Møllegade. They serve natural wines by the glass and I just looove their orange wine but I’m not the only one who love this place and you have to be a little early to get a table – but that’s perfect for a tired mother like me – to start early and get home in bed before midnight.


Pompette, Copenhagen N


6. Route 66, Fælledvej, Copenhagen N

Route 66 is without a doubt one of the best record stores in Copenhagen. They have both older and new music and those who work there are nothing but music experts. I really like the atmosphere and honestly, I can spend hours looking through records here. Jonas and I always go there when we are spending a day together without the kids, followed by a visit to the antique book store in Elmegade. That’s our idea of having a great time!


To be continued…



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