mar 18

Oh Monday, oh Monday.

Hello <3

Oh Monday. You have been a Monday for sure. In all its meaning.

The day actually started very well. I woke up by the alarm clock at 6.30 and stayed in bed for ten minutes, maybe twenty, okay maybe a little more with both Frigg and Fridtjof sleeping next to me. Jonas was sleeping on the couch. The kids are put to sleep in their own beds every night but somehow always ends up in our bed during the night, and Jonas has to give up his spot and sleep the rest of the night at the foot of the bed or on the couch. Poor man. Did I mention that he is two meters tall?

But the truth is that I love the sound of them walking on their tiptoes in the hallway on their way from their room to our bedroom, with their duvet dragging along with them and without words, or maybe just a little “goodnight”, they fall back to sleep lying next to me and I find myself falling back to sleep too – with a blissful smile on my face.

Anyway, I got out of the bed and I was running a bit late, not much – just a little as my class was starting at 8. I went for a quick shower, washed my hair with my new Shampoo Bar – way too fast I was about to found out. I put on a dress, kissed the kids og Jonas goodbye and left – with wet hair and an apple to go. When I got out to the place where my bike use to be, my bike were nowhere to be seen. I looked around a little but then remember that I had taken the bike to the coffee shop yesterday to work a few hours and then walked home as I was talking with my mother on the phone about pretty much everything and nothing (I love her so but wow, that woman can talk) and therefore I might have been a little distracted and I must have forgot to take my bike home with me.

Okay, 15 minutes to class and I was heading to the coffeeshop to see if my bike was there. It was not – maybe I took the bike home after all? I have to solve that mystery later, I thought and walked to the nearest bus stop.

7 minutes to class – Okay, I will be late. That is what it is, I thought to myself as I ran my finger through my now almost dried hair – to discover that I haven’t washed the shampoo all out. Oh, did I mention that I was doing a presentation today? Now very late and with very oily hair. I was waiting at the bus stop, a little stressed out by it all, and the bus came but drove right pass me. I took a look at the sign just to find out that the bus stop was out of service – just for today. Mondays. There is nothing more to say about it.

Oh well, everything worked out in the end and as I was walked all the way to class, accepting the fact that I was running now very late, the sun began to shine and I couldn’t help but laughed a little about how I was swearing out loud just minutes ago. I put some music in my ears – Father John Misty – looked towards the sky thinking about our weekend, and all the wonderful moments we had, dancing around in the living room to Real Love Baby and the fact that it soon will be the weekend again and in the meantime – I really believe we will have some pretty good days too.

I hope you had a great day – Monday and all!

Love from Freja

PS. No one was commenting on my hair. I don’t know if they were just being nice.

PPS. Thank you so much for all your love on my post about Frigg and I and our spontaneous visit to church. It was kind of magical and it will definitely be something to remember forever. I hope Frigg will remember it too.








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