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The Copenhagen Thrifting Guide


Okay, this post is about thrifting. I love thrifting and this is an inspiration guide for thrift shopping – primarily in Copenhagen. We buy most things used. I personally have always done that. Even before we started talking about consumption and how this consumption is damaging our planet. Because that’s not what it’s about for me. Thrifting. Or yes, of course it is. But it’s also about a love for used things. Things with patina, things with a story, things you hadn’t planned on owning, an instant love. A love for the bargain and a love for the treasure hunt. When I was a kid the best thing I knew was to go on a treasure hunt in the joined garbage room were we lived, and I always brought gifts home for my family. More og less usable, let’s just say. A calcified electric kettle for my mom, an old and scratched fifa game for my brother, and some plastic toy, that just needed a wet cloth and some new batteries, for my sister. I was amazed by what people was willing to throw out.

As time has passed, I have become a little more focused and selective in relation to my treasure hunting. But my love for it is still just as great. And since I am often asked where I find my flea finds and where to thrift in Copenhagen, I’m so happy to make this little guide. The Copenhagen Thrifting Guide.


This guide contains where to find both clothes, smaller decor stuff and furniture. And both for the nursery and the home in general, and the children’s wardrobe as well as where I find pieces for my own wardrobe.

The guide is divided into three categories: online, stores and markets.



I often buy things – clothes, smaller decor stuff and furniture at Den blå avis,  which is a Danish marketplace where private sellers sell their used stuff. We found our sofa through this site, as well as the children’s closets and beds, and our little retro stroller as well as Fridtjof’s pram. You can literally find everything there, but be aware – it can take a lot of time to search and to find just the right thing among the many, many sales ads. I kind of have a nostalgic relationship to Den Blå Avis. It used to be a printed newspaper filled with local sales ads, and as a kid when we, my siblings and I, for example needed to have a new bike, my mother would go to the gas station and buy the newspaper and we would sit down and browse through the sales ads to find the perfect bike, and then call up the telephone number listed in the ad with our fingers crossed hoping that the bike were still up for grabs.


Frigg’s bed – found on Den Blå Avis.


Fridtjof in his pram – found on Den Blå Avis


Over time, in step with the rise of Facebook and Instagram, a lot of online thrift stores have seen the light of day, and I am a repeat costumer at quiet a few. I mainly use Instagram. On Instagram you can find a lot of great thrift accounts with some very talented treasure hunters befind them. Many of these accounts are popular, and you have to be quick sometimes but the good thing, and a small tip, is to turn on notifications at your favorite thrift accounts, and  then receive a notification every time the account posts a new post. These accounts often sell things you didn’t know you were missing, and things you suddenly don’t feel you can’t live without.



Furniture, decor and other stuff



















Clothing – for women and children





















And then there are the physical stores. And although online thrift shopping is super easy and smart, there is just something about a physical store. And where each item is often disposed individually at online thrift stores, going to a physical thrift store can almost feel like going on a treasure hunt – hunting to find that one amazing thing among many things. And finding it can give such a great feeling of happiness and gratitude, I think. When I visit a thrift store, I sometimes already know what I am looking for – it could be a new chair for the living room as an example, a birthday present for my grandmother or a dress for new years eve. But most times I just visit a thrift store without looking for anything specific, and just get seduced by beautiful things – some several hundred years old, others newer but common is that they were all owned by someone before they ended up on a table or hanging on a hanger in a thrift store in Copenhagen in the year 2019, and I just love that.



Furniture, decor and other stuff


Tullinsgade 3, 1618 København V



Vennemindevej 38, 2100 København Ø



Amagerbrogade 186, 2300 København S



Lybækgade 8A, 2300 København S



Borups Allé 144, Frederiksberg



Istedgade 45, København V


Clothing – for women and children


Gammel Kongevej 105, 1850 Frederiksberg 



Jagtvej 199, 2100 København Ø



Vesterbrogade 98A, København V
Nørrebrogade 45, København N



Studiestræde 19, 1455 København



Studiestræde 32, 1455 København



Blågårdsgade 14, 2200 København N



Rømersgade 9, 1362 København K



Larsbjørnsstræde 7, 1454 København K 



Badstuestræde, 1209 København K


Other stores – mostly for children:


Blågårdsgade 31C, 2200 København N


HC Ørstedsvej 11, Frederiksberg


As I write this, the season is about to end. The flea market season. Oh, how I love spending my sundays visiting markets, finding treasures and meet the previous owners of these treasures. The kids also love flea markets because it usually means they get new toys. New old toys, of course. We never leave a market empty handed – we all tend to fall in love quickly.

There are few markets I visit again and again, year after year. My favorite flea markets are the private ones – for example held by individual streets and neighborhoods in Copenhagen. But these markets are not necessarily a regular event each year. I often use the website to keep myself updated, but most of the time it is through Instagram I am notified of markets around the city.

But this is a guide and I will, of course, list a few markets in Copenhagen that are among my favorites and which are held year after year or open on a regular basis a couple of times a week.


Apollo Flea Market 

Nyhavn 2, @apollo_bar


B&W Loppemarked

Refshalevej 173, 1432 København

Photo: Camilla Bækvad @camillabaekvad


Veras Market

Bispeengbuen, 2200 København N

Read about Veras Market and see the dates for next event here.

Picture from Veras Market’s website



Other markets

Den Blå Hal

Ved Amagerbanen 9, 2300 København

Ravnsborggade Loppemarked

Ravnsborggade, København N 

See the dates for next event here.

Ritas Blå’s Lopper

Charlotte Ammundsens Plads 3, 1359 København K

See the dates for next event here.


I think I could just keep recommending accounts, stores and markets, and my thrifting guide would end up being the world’s longest. I will stop here – for now. But I will keep updating this guide, and if there is an account, website, store or market that you think should be mentioned in the guide – please send me an email – I would love that!





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