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I love autumn. I love fall. I find myself in constant internal struggle whether I should call it autumn or fall, haha. Which one do you use? But none the less – I love this season. Everything just gets a little more calmer and beautiful. I love the colors – the brown, the yellow, the pink, i love the golden light and the fog in the morning, the fresh wind in my face, my children’s red cheeks.

And although I seem to struggle a bit to capture the beautiful autumn (okay, maybe I will go with autumn)  through my own lens these days, I really enjoy seeing the season through yours, and I really want to share these twelve beautiful pictures from some of my very favorite instagrammers and photographers with you.


  1. @thegemmers


2.  @sannehop


3. @babes_in_boyland

I mean, if I ever get married – I wouldn’t mind this to be the venue.


4. @liliinthemoon


5. @tinasosna


6. @muse_and_me


7. @gillian_morton

Her photographs are, to me, the essence of everyday magic.


8. @chalkwhitearrow


9. @rudyjude


10. @tinasosna 


11. @tessahop


12. @babes_in_boyland

This picture reminds me of the guest room at my grandparents, even though it looks nothing like it. But the mood!

Fore more inspiration, please visit pinterest.com/frejatroelsen/. I just signed up on Pinterest a few days ago – if you are either shocked or laughing right now – it’s okay. You are not the only one – lots of: how can a photographer not have a pinterest account? Anyway, now I’m giving it a go and I would love if you followed along.

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