Women and their children

Maja and My
Emilie and Isolde (02)
Kessie and Zayn (03)

This is my project. Women and their children.

When I found out I was pregnant with my firstborn, I was immediately changed. In a single heartbeat everything I wanted, and everything I needed was linked back to my daughter and me being her mother.

But becoming a mother also made me feel lonely. I didn’t know any other mothers – just my own mother and her mother, my grandmother, and even though these two women is such a big inspiration to me, I felt like I was missing something or someone. Someone to share motherhood with.

This project is all about that – sharing motherhood.

I’m so forever grateful that I get to share a little piece of your story, and I hope this can be the start of me telling my own story of my fragile and beautiful journey as a mother of two.

Anna, Felix and Maximilian (05)
Anne-Sofie and Anker (04)


“Every single day, I give it all I got in being happy, trying to be there, in the moment, with him, so he can have the carefree life he deserves, although I still mourn, every day, over the son I lost.”

Anne-Sofie, mother of two.

Stine, Kaja and Ellen (06)
Anne and Pil (2018)